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Photo of a gun.

Words that rhyme with -un

List of words that end with a "un " sound

Photo of Jackson, Mississippi

Jis forJackson

Jackson is the capital of the state of Mississippi in the United States of America. It has a population of around 540,000.
Photo of Kingston, Jamaica

Kis forKingston

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. It has a population of around 940,000.
Photo of London

Lis forLondon

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The greater London area has a population of around 7.8 million.
Photo of Madison Wisconsin

Mis forMadison

Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America. It has a population of about 570,000.
Photo of a nun

Nis forNun

A nun is a woman who has taken vows to devote her life to a religious cause. Nuns usually live in a special place like a monastery, away from mainstream society. Nuns wear a special uniform, so you can tell who they are.
Photo of one cat.

Ois forOne

There is one cat in the picture. The number that comes after one is two. You can also use one as a pronoun, for example "one must do one's homework".

Ois forOnion

Scientific name: allium cepa
Onions are a vegetable. There are many different kinds of onions, ranging in size and colour from purple to red to white to green. Onions are used in almost every kind of food, raw or cooked. They can be very sharp when they are raw and many children do not like raw onions, but when they are cooked they are quite sweet.
Photo of a person

Pis forPerson

A person is a human, either male or female, young or old.

Ris forRun

Running is a lot faster than walking. When you run, you take much longer steps, and you'll find that both of your feet are off the ground at the same time as you run.

Sis forSon

Your son is your male child. A female child is called a daughter.