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Adjectives that start with Q

Adjectives that start with Q

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Qis forQuaint

Something is quaint when it has a certain old-fashioned charm, or if it is interesting in a nice way but a little strange too.

Qis forQuick

Something happens quickly if it happens in a very short space of time, or after a very short delay. Quick might also be another word for fast. The opposite of quick is slow. The squirrel in the picture is running very quickly.
Photo of a quiet scene.

Qis forQuiet

Something is quiet if it doesn't make very much noise. Somewhere is quiet if you can't hear much noise when you are there. The opposite of quiet is loud and if there is no noise at all, it is silent.
A quirky photo of a toy in a teapot.

Qis forQuirky

Someone or something is quirky if they have a peculiar character about them. Putting a toy in a teapot is definitely quirky.