Words starting with C

Words that start with C

Cute cats crawl carelessly past carefully cultivated canola.

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Photo of corn.Plants
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Photo of a cheek.Body parts

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A cab is the front part of a truck where the driver sits.

Cab is also another name for a taxi.

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Scientific name: brassica oleracea

The cabbage is a vegetable. People eat the leaves of the cabbage, not the flowers or roots.

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Photo of a cable
Photo by Steven Lilley

Traditionally a cable is a very strong, heavy kind of rope. In more modern times, a cable has come to mean a long cord made of strands of metal and coated with an insulator, which is used to carry electricity or electrical signals.

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Photo of a group of hyenas
Photo by Lip Kee

A group of hyenas is called a cackle.

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Photo of cacti
Photo by Brian Snelson

Cacti is the plural of cactus.

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Scientific name: family: cactaceae

Cacti are unusual plants. They grow in extremely hot, dry areas like deserts and they use as little water as possible. Their leaves have become spines and their stems are green like leaves of other plants are. Cacti store water in their thick stems.

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Photo of a bird in a cage
Photo by Preston Rhea

A cage is something you keep an animal or bird in so it can't get away. Pet birds are often kept in cages, like in the picture.

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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is the largest city in Africa, with a population of 7.67 million with another 10 million living near the city.

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Photo of a birthday cake.
Photo by Omer Wazir

A cake is a kind of sweet, baked food. Cakes can be made with all sorts of different ingredients, such as fruit and nuts. The cake in the picture has been decorated with candles, for someone's birthday. There is usually one candle for every year the person has lived.

A calculator is a small device that does math for you. Calculators have built-in functions from simple addition and subtraction right through to complex angle manipulation functions.

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