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Words that start with F

Five fat friendly frogs following four flamingoes to the factory.

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Photo of a womans fingernailsBody parts

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Photo of fabrics
Photo by Tinou Bao

Fabric is another word for cloth. Fabric is used to make clothes, drapes and lots of other things.
The word fabric can also be used to describe the fundamental structure of something, as in "the fabric of society".

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Photo of a little girl
Photo by Jon Nicholls

Something is fabulous if it is outrageously good. Bright, bold clothes are often described as fabulous.
The little girl in the picture looks fabulous.

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Photo of a gorilla's face
Photo by Martin Fisch

Your face is the front part of your head. Your eyes, nose, mouth, chin and cheeks are all on your face.
It is not just humans that have faces. The picture is a gorilla's face.

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A factory is a large industrial building where people or machines make things on a very large scale. Things like cars, toys and most common household goods are made in factories.

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Photo of a faded sign
Photo by Joe Mazzola

Something is faded if it has lost a lot of its color and just blends into the background, or is no longer as bright as it once was. The sign painted on the building is very faded, and is hard to read.
Faded is also the past tense of fade.

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Photo of some bundles of sticks
Photo by Florian Boyd

A faggot is an old-fashioned term for a bundle of sticks.

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Photo of a fairy
Photo by Ed Schipul

A fairy is a tiny imaginary creature that is usually depicted as a small, pretty girl with wings. Fairies often have magical powers and can sometimes grant wishes.

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Photo of some fake flowers.
Photo by Elliot Moore

Something is fake if it is not real or genuine. Some fakes are a copy or imitation of the original, like a forgery of a painting or counterfeit money. Many fake things pretend to be real, like mock or fake fur made from polyester instead of real fur made from animal skins. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between something real and something fake without examining it closely, such as a gold-plated ring and a solid gold ring.
The flowers in the picture are fake.
Most fakes and imitations are considered to be much less valuable than the real thing.

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Photo of a man falling off a building
Photo by Scott Swigart

Something is falling if it is moving from a higher place to a lower one. Many things can fall, for example during hot weather the water level of a lake can fall. Prices of fruit for sale can fall. When you drop something, it falls.
The stunt man in the picture is falling off a building.
Fall is also another name for autumn.

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Photo of false teeth
Photo by Jim Sneddon

Something is false if it is not true, is not correct, or is wrong.
Sometimes an imitation of something real is called false, for example false teeth.

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