Photo of a door.

Words that rhyme with -R

List of words that end with a "R " sound.

Photo of a ninjaRhymes with jer
Photo of a panda.Rhymes with ander
Photo of a car.Rhymes with ar
Photo of a bear.Rhymes with are
Photo of cucumbers.Rhymes with ber
Photo of a spiderRhymes with der
Photo of an ear.Rhymes with eer
Photo of a sofa.Rhymes with fer
Photo of a tiger.Rhymes with ger
Photo of a poinsettiaRhymes with ier
Photo of fire.Rhymes with ire
Photo of a speaker.Rhymes with ker
Photo of a gorilla.Rhymes with ler
Photo of a hammer.Rhymes with mer
Photo of bananas.Rhymes with ner
Photo of a door.Rhymes with ore
Photo of paper.Rhymes with per
Photo of a zebra.Rhymes with rer
Photo of scissors.Rhymes with ser
Photo of a fuchsia.Rhymes with sher
Photo of a cheetah.Rhymes with ter
Photo of a mother and baby.Rhymes with ther
Photo of a vulture.Rhymes with ure
Photo of a beaver.Rhymes with ver
Photo of a flower.Rhymes with wer
Photo of papaya.Rhymes with yer

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Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It has a population of around 4.4 million.

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Guyana is a country on the nortn coast of South America. The capital of Guyana is Georgetown.