Words starting with M

Words that start with M

List of things that start with the letter M.

Mild mannered mice melt marshmallows in Minnesota.

Scientific name: genus: macadamia

Macadamias are medium sized evergreen trees native to the northern parts of Australia. Not all macadamia trees have edible seeds, only macadamia integrifolia and macadamia tetraphylla are cultivated. The others have toxic seeds. The macadamias that people eat are toxic to dogs, and can temporarily paralyze them.

Macau is an administrative region of China, and was once a Portuguese colony. People in Macau speak Chinese and Portuguese. Macau is only 29.5 square kilometers, or 11.39 square miles.

Photo of macaws
Photo by Jay Dodge
Scientific name: ara macao

Macaws are a group of parrots found in tropical areas. The most recognizable kind of macaw is the scarlet macaw in the picture. Macaws are often kept as pets.

Photo of a mace
Photo by Josh Hallett

A mace is a medieval weapon, similar to a club but with an end designed to maximize damage. Some maces simply have a studded ball at the end, others have the ball on a chain.
Mace is also a spice, see nutmeg.

Photo of the Macedonian flag
Photo by Geoff Wong

The Republic of Macedonia is a country in the south east of Europe. The capital of Macedonia is Skopje. People in Macedonia speak Macedonian.

Photo of a machete
Photo by Out of ideas

A machete is a kind of large knife that is used in tropical areas to cut through jungle or to harvest sugarcane. It is also used as a tool for cutting up food, or for carving wood.
Because machetes are so common in tropical regions they are also used as a weapon.

Macrame is a craft where you make things out of string by tying lots of knots. Macrame can be used to make all sorts of interesting items, including jewelry, belts, some clothing and household items like plant pot hangers.

Madagascar is a large island country off the east coast of Africa. The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. People in Madagascar speak Malagasy and French.

Photo of Madison Wisconsin
Photo by John Benson

Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America. It has a population of about 570,000.

Photo of Madrid
Photo by Wenjie, Zhang

Madrid is the capital of Spain. The population of the larger metropolitan area is around 6.3 million people. Madrid is the third largest city in European, after London and Berlin.