Words starting with O

Words that start with O

List of things that start with the letter O.

Orange orangutans avildy ogle an orchard of oleanders in Oregon.

Photo of an oak floor
Photo by Sean Gillies

Oak is timber from the oak tree. It can be used to make floors and furniture.

Scientific name: quercus robur

Oaks are a group of trees and shrubs from the Northern hemisphere. There are both deciduous and evergreen oaks. Most people are familiar with the common oak trees that grow acorns.
Oak wood is used for making furniture, and was once used for making houses. It is still used for making wine barrels.

Photo of some oars
Photo by RittyRats

An oar, sometimes called a paddle, is a long, thin pole with a wide, flat part at one or both ends. It is used to make a small boat like a canoe move forward, and to help in steering it.

Scientific name: avena sativa

Oats are a cereal crop grown mainly for turning into rolled oats and oatmeal for making porridge. It is also used as animal feed, particularly for horses.

An obelisk is a 3 dimensional shape with four sides, tapering towards the top. Obelisks are usually tipped with a pyramid. They are a popular shape for monuments.

Photo by Tony Alter

You are obese if you are very fat or overweight. Obese people often have health problems because of their size.

Photo of a dog at obedience classes
Photo by Connie Ma

You obey when you do what you are told to do. The dog in the picture is at obedience classes.
The opposite of obey is disobey.

Oboes are a double reed musical instrument in the woodwind family. Oboes have a very clear sound, and can be heard over other instruments. They have a conical hole through their centre, unlike the flute which has a cylindrical one.

An observatory is a building that is made as a place to watch the stars and planets. Observatories are dome-shaped and are usually built on top of high mountains so there is less air between them and space.

Photo of a fragment of obsidian
Photo by John Atherton

Obsidian is a dark glass formed in the larval flows of volcanos. Obsidian doesn't have a crystalline structure and can be broken into very thin pieces that can be used to make a very sharp cutting edge, spear tip or arrow head.