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Photo of a rooster.

Birds that start with R

Birds in all shapes, colors and sizes. Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that chirp, birds that talk.
Photo of a rainbow lorikeet.
Scientific name: trichoglossus haematodus
Rainbow lorikeets are a type of parrot found in Australia, mainly on the east coast but also in parts of South Australia and Tasmania. Rainbow lorikeets eat fruit, pollen and nectar.
Photo of a raven

Ris forRaven

Scientific name: corvus corax
A raven is a black bird in the same family as crows and magpies. They are one of the largest members of the crow family.
Photo of a robin
Scientific name: erithacus rubecula
A robin is any small bird with a red chest, hence the common name robin redbreast. The bird most commonly called a robin is the European robin, shown in the picture. They eat flies and other small flying insects.

Ris forRooster

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