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Photo of a swan.

Birds that start with S

Birds in all shapes, colors and sizes. Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that chirp, birds that talk.
Photo of a seagull

Sis forSeagull

Scientific name: larus delawarensis
Seagulls are very common birds that live near the sea. They have webbed feet so they can paddle in water. Gulls catch and eat fish and will also scavenge for dead fish and trash people have thrown away. Seagulls are very common on rubbish dumps and garbage tips.
Scientific name: family: hirundinidae
Swallows are part of a large family of birds found all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica. They eat insects out of the air while they are flying around. There are many different kinds of swallows, with different habits. Many swallows have a distinctive forked tail.
Photo of a swan

Sis forSwan

Scientific name: genus: cygnus
A swan is a kind of large water bird, related to the duck and goose. A male swan is called a cob, a female swan is called a pen and a baby swan is called a cygnet. Not all swans are white. Some swans have black patches, and swans in Australia are pure black.