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Photo of an arm.

Body parts that start with A

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!
Photo of someone with their ankles up.

Ais forAnkle

Your ankle is the joint between your foot and your leg. You can feel quite a bump on the side of your ankles.
Photo of an elk with antlers

Ais forAntler

Antlers grow in pairs on the top of the heads of most deer. They can be quite complicated, with many different forks and branches. Male deer grow antlers every year, then the antlers die and the deer sheds them. Antlers are similar to horns, but animals with horns do not shed them every year.
Photo of an arm

Ais forArm

You have two arms, one on each side. They are connected to the rest of your body at your shoulder. Your hands are at the ends of each of your arms.
Photo of an armpit

Ais forArmpit

Your armpits are under your arms. When you put your arm up into the air they are easily seen as a dent under your arm. Adult men and women grow hair in their armpits, but women usually shave it off. Armpits can get very smelly so people often use deodorant on their armpits.