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Countries that start with C

Countries that start with C

Countries around the world, each with a photo of their flag.This category and the related cities categories are still incomplete.

Cis forCambodia

Cambodia is a country in south eastern Asia. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. People in Cambodia speak Khmer.
Photo of the Canadian flag

Cis forCanada

Canada is a country north of America. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. People in Canada speak French and English.
The flag of the Central African Republic.
The Central African Republic is a country located in Central Africa. The capital of the Central African Republic is Bangui. People in the Central African Republic speak French and Sango.
Photo of the Chilean flag

Cis forChile

Chile is a country in South America. The capital of Chile is Santiago. People in Chile speak Spanish.
Photo of the Chinese flag

Cis forChina

China is the country with the most people in it. The capital of China is Beijing. People in China speak Chinese.

Cis forColombia

Colombia is a country in South America. The capital of Colombia is Bogotá. People in Colombia speak Spanish.
The flag of Comoros.

Cis forComoros

Comoros is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. The capital of Comoros is Moroni. People in Comoros speak French, Comorian, and Arabic.
Photo of Costa Rican flags
Costa Rica is a country on the bridge of land that connects North America and South America. The capical of Costa Rica is San José. People in Costa Rica speak Spanish.
Cote D'Ivoire is a country located in West Africa. The capital of Cote D'Ivoire is Yamoussoukro. People in Cote D'Ivoire speak French.
Photo of a Croatian flag

Cis forCroatia

Croatia is a country in central Europe. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. People in Croatia speak Croatian.