Countries that start with M

List of countries that start with M

Countries around the world, each with a photo of their flag.

This category and the related cities categories are still incomplete.

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Macau is an administrative region of China, and was once a Portuguese colony. People in Macau speak Chinese and Portuguese. Macau is only 29.5 square kilometers, or 11.39 square miles.

Photo of the Macedonian flag
Photo by Geoff Wong

The Republic of Macedonia is a country in the south east of Europe. The capital of Macedonia is Skopje. People in Macedonia speak Macedonian.

Madagascar is a large island country off the east coast of Africa. The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. People in Madagascar speak Malagasy and French.

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Malaysia is a country in south east Asia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. People in Malaysia speak Malaysian.

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The Maldives are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The capital of the Maldives is Malé. People who live on the Maldives speak Dhivehi.

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Photo of the Maltese flag
Photo by Charlie Dave

Malta is a country on some islands in the Mediterranean. The capital of Malta is Valletta. People in Malta speak Maltese and English.

Photo of the Mauritanian flag
Photo by Magharebia

Mauritania is a country in west Africa. The capital of Mauritania is Nouakchott. People in Mauritania speak Arabic.
Not to be confused with Mauritius.

Mauritius is an island nation off the south east coast of Africa, east of Madagascar. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis.

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Mexico is a country south of the United States of America. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. People in Mexico speak Spanish.

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Moldova is a country in eastern Europe. The capital of Moldova is Chi?in?u. People in Moldova speak Moldovan (Romanian).

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