Jobs that start with P

List of jobs that start with P

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This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!

A photographer is someone who takes photos of people, places or things for a living. While anyone can simply use a camera, photographers have an eye for beauty and composition and can take photographs that other people find pleasing to look at.

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Photo of two pilots
Photo by Liz West

A pilot is someone who flies planes or helicopters for a living. Pilots need to do a lot of training, and must be fit, healthy and have good eyesight.

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Photo of a pirate
Photo by DeusXFlorida

Pirates sail around the oceans, stealing from other ships. This is called piracy and is still common to this day. The captain of a pirate ship was typically the strongest fighter and one the men could trust. Pirate ships would often take on outcasts from society to join their crew.
The skull and crossbones design on the pirate's hat is known as the Jolly Roger. The pirate in the picture has most of the features that pirates in modern movies and cartoons have: a parrot, a wooden leg, a hook hand and an eyepatch. In reality, with the conditions found on ships in the 1600s, a pirate that suffered such injuries in battle would have died from infection.

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Photo by Joshin Yamada

A plumber is someone who works with pipes and systems that carry water, either clean water for drinking or waste water and sewage.

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A police officer (or policeman, policewoman or just police) is someone who makes sure that other people are obeying the law, and catches people who aren't.
Some police officers ride horses. Horses can go places that cars and motorbikes cannot go, because horses can step over holes or things on the ground and jump fences and vehicles can't.

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Photo of a postman
Photo by iMorpheus

A postman, mailman or postal officer is someone who delivers letters and parcels to your house. Postal workers usually ride bicycles or motorbikes.

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Photo of a potter
Photo by Manish Bansal

A potter is someone who makes mugs, vases, plates and other things out of clay.

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Photo of a priest
Photo by Alastair Rae

A priest is a person whose job is to perform religious rites and ceremonies.

Photo of a principal in an office
Photo by Matt Buck

A principal is someone who runs a school, doing more administrative work than teaching. In some countries, a principal is called a headmaster or headmistress.

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Photo of a prison inmate washing a car
Photo by KOMUnews

A prisoner, also called an inmate, is someone who has done something bad and been put into prison as a punishment.

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Physiotherapist, Poet, Porter, Programmer, Psychiatrist.