Photo of feet.



Interesting plural words that aren't just the singular plus an 's'. And a few that are!

Photo of a burr
Photo by Derek Gavey

Burrs is the plural of burr.

Photo of cacti
Photo by Brian Snelson

Cacti is the plural of cactus.

Cattle is used to describe bovine animals, like cows.

Photo of children
Photo by Nasim Fekrat

Children is the plural of child.

Clothes is another plural word for garments. You have one piece of clothing, but two clothes. Clothe is not the singular of clothes.

Photo of a crying baby
Photo by Beth

Cries is the plural of cry, for example "I heard the cries of the baby next door."

Elves is the plural of elf.

Photo of an eye
Photo by Dan Foy

Eyes is the plural of eye.

Photo of feet.
Photo by cstrom

Feet is the plural of foot. One foot, two feet. Most people have two feet, and most animals have four feet.

And also ...

Buys, Denies, Highs, Lies, Skies, Spies.