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Adjectives that start with A

Adjectives that start with A

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of abandoned shopping carts
Something is abandoned if if has been left alone and forsaken, with nobody caring for it or paying it attention. The shopping cart in the picture has been abandoned.

Ais forAbrasive

Something is abrasive if it is used to grind or polish something else. A good example of something that is abrasive is sandpaper.

Ais forAbsent

Absent means something or someone is missing. If you don't go to school, you are absent from class.
Something that is absorbent will soak up any liquids it comes into contact with. Sponges are absorbent.

Ais forAbstract

Art is abstract if it has been derived, or abstracted from something real but doesn't bear a close resemblance to what it is supposed to represent, like more traditional art does. Some parts of the art might be recognisable, some exaggerated, some downplayed. Abstract art can be so stylised you can't even recognise what it is, so sometimes when you look at an abstract picture or sculpture you can't tell what it is a picture or sculpture of.

Ais forAcademic

Academic describes something that is educational or related to school. If learning and studying are easy for a student, she can be described as academic.

Ais forAcidic

Something is acidic if it can be used as an acid. Many common things are acidic. Lemon and orange juice are quite acidic.

Ais forAcoustic

Something is acoustic if it relates to sound. For example, the picture is of acoustic insulation, which is used to dampen sound in places like recording studios. Musical instruments that are not electronically enhanced are called acoustic instruments.
A boat adrift at sea.

Ais forAdrift

Adrift means something, such as a boat, is lost, abandoned, or floating freely in water without an anchor.
Photo of an adult cat

Ais forAdult

A person or animal is an adult when they have fully grown up and matured. Before you are an adult, you are a juvenile.