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Photo of olives.

Words that rhyme with -iv

List of words that end with a "iv " sound

Ais forAbrasive

Something is abrasive if it is used to grind or polish something else. A good example of something that is abrasive is sandpaper.
Someone is aggressive if they are very assertive and pushy. Someone who is prone to violence is also called aggressive.
Attractive woman.
Attractive is another word for pretty, handsome or appealing. If you find something attractive, you tend to be drawn to it.
Photo of a captive orangutan

Cis forCaptive

Someone is a captive if they are restrained and do not have their freedom. Someone or something may be held prisoner in a cage, tied or chained up so they can't escape or are simply held captive by verbal threats.
Something is decorative if it is there for decoration.
Photo of a detective
Detectives are usually members of the police force. They investigate crimes, and try and work out who committed a crime and how.
Photo of an expensive necklace
Something is expensive if it costs a lot of money. Expensive things are usually very high quality, or have a brand name or are made by someone that people are willing to pay extra for. The opposite of expensive is cheap.
An inquisitive cat
Inquisitive is another word for curious. It means you are wanting to investigate and learn new things.

Mis forMassive

Something is massive if it is really, really big. The truck in the picture is massive.
Photo of olives

Ois forOlive

Scientific name: olea europaea
Olives are the fruit of a small, slow-growing tree. They are originally from the Mediterranean region and grow best in poor soils in Mediterranean climates. Olives can be grown easily from both seeds and cuttings, but trees grown from seed don't always grow good fruit. Olives can't be eaten fresh from the tree, they are too bitter. Olives need to be prepared by soaking them in salty water or otherwise preparing them to be eaten. Some types of olive can be pressed and oil made from them.