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Adjectives that start with B

Adjectives that start with B

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Bis forBaggy

Baggy means loose or roomy. The woman in the picture is wearing baggy clothes.

Bis forBald

You are bald if you have little or no hair on your head. Some men go bald as they get older, but other people shave off their hair to become bald. The man in the picture is bald, but his dog certainly is not!

Bis forBalmy

Balmy describes pleasantly warm weather. If it's a good day to go to the beach, the weather is balmy.

Bis forBare

Bare is another word for naked or unclothed. If you're not wearing shoes or socks, you have bare feet.
An animal or plant is barren if it cannot produce offspring. Land is barren if almost nothing can grow in it, and it can't be used as farmland. The opposite of barren is fertile, and a similar word to barren is sterile.
Something is beautiful if it gives you great pleasure to see, hear or experience. The rose in the picture is beautiful.
A bedraggled dog
Something is bedraggled if it is limp and dirty. The dog in the picture is bedraggled.

Bis forBent

Something is bent if it should have been straight but instead it has a sharp curve or angle in it. Bent can also be used to describe someone who is really set on doing something, as in "Bob was bent on getting a new car before Christmas".
Photo of prize winning cupcakes

Bis forBest

Something is best if nothing is better than it. When you win a competition, it means you are the best. The opposite of best is worst.