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Photo of wool.

Words that rhyme with -ul

List of words that end with a "ul " sound

Artificial is another word for fake. Something that is artificial is usually a copy of something natural like food or flowers. The fruit in the picture is artificial.

Bis forBanjul

Banjul is the capital city of Gambia. The population of Banjul is 357,238.
Something is beautiful if it gives you great pleasure to see, hear or experience. The rose in the picture is beautiful.
Photo of a bulbul

Bis forBulbul

Scientific name: family: pycnonotidae
Bulbuls are a family of medium-sized songbirds. They are found in most haitats, with African bulbuls being found mainly in rainforests. Bulbuls can be found in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia and even Japan.
Photo of a bull.

Bis forBull

A bull is a male cow. The meat from a cow is called beef. Bulls do not give milk.

Cis forCereal

Cereal in its widest definition means any edible crop that grows on a type of grass, which includes plants like wheat, rice and corn. Most people know cereals as breakfast cereals, which are cereal grains processed so that you can eat them for breakfast with milk and fruit. The cereal in the picture is corn flakes, with blueberries.
Photo of colorful houses

Cis forColorful

Something is colorful if it is a very bright color, or if it has a lot of different colors on it. The houses in the picture are very colorful. The opposite of colorful is dull or drab.
Emotional means anything to do with the emotions.More commonly, it means someone who is prone to emotional extremes, mood swings, or describes something that provokes a strong emotional response. For example, "that film is very emotional".

Fis forFull

Something is full if there is no room to fit anything else inside. The bucket in the picture is full of grapes. The opposite of full is empty.
Someone is heterosexual, or straight if they are are attracted to the opposite sex. Most people are heterosexual. The opposite of heterosexual is homosexual.