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Adjectives that start with H

Adjectives that start with H

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a hairy cow

His forHairy

Something or someone is hairy if it has a lot of hair. See also hirsute.
Photo of a handmade caterpillar

His forHandmade

Something is handmade if it isn't mass-produced by a machine, but is a unique piece made by hand.

His forHandsome

Someone is handsome if they appear attractive, healthy and strong. Handsome is a term most commonly applied to men, but can also be used to describe animals and women.
Photo of a happy man

His forHappy

When you are happy, you feel good and smile a lot. Being happy is the nicest way to be. People are happy when things go the way they want, when people are nice to them or when they are having fun. The person in the picture is happy.
Photo of a stack of hard rocks.

His forHard

Something is hard if it is solid to touch, and you cannot squash or bend it. Stones are very hard. The opposite of hard is soft.

His forHealthy

You are healthy if you are in a state of good health. Healthy people and animals are in good condition, and are not sick or injured. Healthy food is food that is good for you, and helps you to stay healthy.
Photo of a woman carrying a heavy load

His forHeavy

Something is heavy if it weighs a lot and is difficult to carry. You need to be strong to carry something that is heavy. The woman in the picture is carrying some heavy boxes.

His forHick

A person or a place is hick if they are not sophisticated, and are probably in a rural area.

His forHidden

When something is hiding or concealed it is hidden.
Photo of a hairy man.

His forHirsute

Hirsute is the more formal word for hairy.