Photo of a woman smiling.

List of emotions

Feelings and facial expressions from happy to sad and all things in between.

Ais forAfraid

Ais forAgony

Photo of an angry man

Ais forAnger

Photo of an angry man

Ais forAngry

Photo of an annoyed cat

Ais forAnnoyed

Photo of a dog in bliss

Bis forBliss

Bis forBored

Photo of a crying baby

Cis forCry

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And also ...

Aghast, Agitated, Anticipation, Anxious, Apathy, Complacent, Contempt, Courage, Covet, Depressed, Despair, Enthusiastic, Frustration, Glum, Grateful, Grief, Grumpy, Hate, Impressed, Irate, Ire, Jolly, Merry, Miserable, Mournful, Nervous, Pity, Pleasure, Rage, Sane, Scowl, Shy, Sneer, Snicker, Snigger, Solumn, Stern (emotion), Stress, Stressed, Suspicious.