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Adjectives that start with U

Adjectives that start with U

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of an ugly cat

Uis forUgly

Something or someone is ugly if they make you feel bad when you look at them. The opposite of ugly is beautiful.
Uncommonly large toy.

Uis forUncommon

Uncommon means rare, strange or unusual. Uncommon is the opposite of common.
Underdone burger.
Underdone describes food that hasn't finished cooking. Sometimes food is underdone on purpose.
Something is underripe if it isn't ripe yet. Underripe fruit is usually green and hard.
Photo of underweight horses
A person or animal is underweight if they weigh less than they should. When you are underweight you can easily see your bones.
You are undressed when you are wearing either no clothes or you are not wearing enough clothes. The people in the picture are undressed. When you are taking your clothes off, you are said to be getting undressed. The opposite of undressed is dressed.
Photo of an unfinished building
Something is unfinished if it has not been completed yet. A similar word to unfinished is incomplete.The opposite of unfinished is finished.
Photo of an unfit man

Uis forUnfit

Someone is unfit if they are in poor physical condition, and get tired very easily when they do physical activity. The man in the photo is very unfit. Unfit also means something that doesn't suit a purpose, for example a rotten fruit is unfit to eat.
Unfortunate is another word for unlucky. Unfortunate means that something bad has happened that is out of your control. The opposite of unfortunate is fortunate.
Photo of a woman wearing a naval uniform

Uis forUniform

Something is uniform if it is the same everywhere. A wall that is all one color might be described as being a uniform shade of green. A uniform is also the name given to the clothing all people in an organisation have to wear so they all look similar. People in the military wear uniforms, and many schools require that children wear uniforms. Uniforms for men and women are often quite different, even in the same organisation.