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Photo of bagpipes.

Words that rhyme with -ipe

List of words that end with a "ipe " sound


Bis forBagpipes

Bagpipes are a musical instrument most people associate with Scotland, although various forms of bagpipes have been played in lots of different countries. Someone who plays bagpipes is called a piper. Bagpipes, as the name suggests, are made from an airtight bag with several pipes attached to it. The pipes are a chanter that you use to play tunes, and one or more drones that make a continuous noise. The piper keeps the bag full of air by blowing into it, and squeezes air out of it with their arm. You can't stop bagpipes from making noise while there is air in the bag.
Photo of overripe bananas

Ois forOverripe

Fruit is overripe if has become ripe and then kept going. Overripe fruit becomes soft and squishy, and may also get brown or wrinkly. Overripe fruit is not very nice to eat.
Photo of pinstripes
Pinstripes are stripes that are very thin, between other much wider stripes. Pinstripe is a very common pattern on suits and business shirts.
A pipe is a long tube, similar to a hose. Pipes tend to be much larger in diameter than hoses, and are stiff not flexible. Some pipes are so large you can stand inside them. You may also be interested in a pipe for smoking.
Photo of a young man smoking a pipe
A pipe is a device used to smoke tobacco, the same ingredient that is in cigarettes and cigars. Pipes can be quite ornate, and are more difficult to use than cigarettes.

Pis forPiping

Piping is a method of cooking or baking where an ingredient such as dough or frosting is put in a bag and pushed out of a narrow hole that allows the cook to make pretty shapes or decorations.
Photo of ripening tomatoes

Ris forRipe

A fruit or vegetable is ripe if it is fully grown, and is sweet or otherwise ready to eat. The red tomato on the left of the picture is ripe, the other two are still ripening. They are under ripe.

Sis forStripes

Stripes are bands of alternating colors. You can have stripes of just two colors, or lots of different colors like the socks in the picture. Socks and ties are often striped, as are animals like tigers and zebras.
Beef tripe.

Tis forTripe

Tripe is the stomach of a cow or other ruminant animal. Tripe is a type of offal.
Photo of hands on a keyboard typing.

Tis forType

You type when you use your fingers to press letters on a keyboard. The letters you type then appear either on the paper in the typewriter or on the screen of the computer that you are using. Typing is an alternative to writing.