Animals starting with J

List of animals that start with J

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Photo of a jack russell terrier
Photo by Elsie esq.

Jack Russells are small dogs that are mainly white, with patches of brown or black. They might have smooth or rough coats. They were originally bred for hunting foxes. They are intelligent, energetic, fearless and vocal. If they are left alone or not exercised enough, they can get bored and destructive. They do not make good indoor dogs.

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Photo of a jackal
Photo by Derek Keats

A jackal is a small to medium sized close relative of the dog. They are found in Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe. Jackals normally live together in pairs, although they will sometimes form small packs to hunt. They hunt small to medium animals, and will eat dead animals they find. Like household dogs they will also eat fruit and other plants as well as meat.

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Scientific name: panthera onca

The jaguar is the third largest cat, after the tiger and lion. Jaguars look most similar to the leopard but behave most like tigers.

Photo of a jellyfish
Photo by Torroid

Jellyfish are found in every part of the sea, from the warm water at the surface to the cold, dark depths of the ocean. Jellyfish eat tiny sea creatures that drift into their tentacles.
Jellyfish come in almost every colour of the rainbow and range in size from smaller than your fingernail to having tentacles that are many metres long.
Some jellyfish are poisonous and their sting can kill a person. It is best to avoid touching a jellyfish if you don't know what sort it is.

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Photo of a baby kangaroo
Photo by Aidan Jones

A joey is a baby kangaroo.

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