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Animals starting with K

Animals that start with K

Just here looking for animals? Reptiles, birds, farmyard to jungle and more.
Photo of a kangaroo

Kis forKangaroo

Scientific name: family: macropodidae
Kangaroos (Macropus rufus) are a marsupial that lives in Australia. Marsupials are animals that keep their babies their pouches. Kangaroos eat mostly grasses and small shrubs. Kangaroos travel by hopping along on their hind legs, using their tail to balance themselves. They can travel very fast, and can grow to be taller and heavier than an adult man. A baby kangaroo is called a joey.
Photo of a kelpie dog

Kis forKelpie

The Australian kelpie is a medium sized dog that was bred to herd animals like sheep, cows and goats. Kelpies come in a range of colours but the most familiar one is a reddish-brown coat. Kelpies are very energetic and are only suitable to be kept as pets by people who have a lot of time and space to exercise them. Bored kelpies can be noisy and destructive.
Photo of a baby goat

Kis forKid

A baby goat is called a kid.
Scientific name: order: coraciiformes
A kingfisher is a type of bird found all over the world. Many kingfishers live near water, and dive for fish. Kingfishers also eat crayfish, frogs, and insects. Forest dwelling kingfishers eat small reptiles.
A fox kit.

Kis forKit

Kit is a word used to describe a baby fox, beaver, ferret or other mammal that is covered in fur.

Kis forKitten

A kitten is a baby cat.

Kis forKiwi

Scientific name: apteryx mantelli
Kiwi are flightless birds from New Zealand. They are around the size of a chicken, and for their body size they lay the largest egg. The kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand. Not to be confused with the kiwi fruit.
Photo of a koala

Kis forKoala

Scientific name: phascolarctos cinereus
Koalas are a marsupial that lives in Australia. Marsupials are animals that keep their babies in pouches. Koalas live in eucalypt trees, and eat only eucalypt leaves. Koalas move very slowly and spend most of their time asleep. Koalas have two thumbs on each hand and foot. A baby koala is called a joey, the same as a baby kangaroo. When the joey has left its mother's pouch, it will ride on her back for another six months. The closest relative of the koala is the wombat.
Photo of koi

Kis forKoi

Koi are a kind of ornamental carp. They are kept for their pretty colors. Koi get quite large when they grow older, especially if they are kept in a large enough pond.
Photo of a komodo dragon
Scientific name: varanus komodoensis
Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizard. They are a type of monitor, like the goanna. Komodo dragons grow to 2-3 metres long and can weigh up to 70kg. They live only on a string of islands in Indonesia, including Komodo island. They mainly eat dead animals they find, but will also hunt and kill animals. Their bite is slightly venomous and can be extremely painful.