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Photo of  hands.

Body parts that start with H

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!
Photo of a woman's hair

His forHair

Hair is something that grows on people's heads. It is also found on the rest of your body, but it is very very fine and can be hard to see (depending on the person!). The hair that grows on animals like cats and dogs is actually called fur, and the hair on sheep is called wool. The hairy stuff on even stranger things like spiders and some plants isn't hair either, just something that can look like hair and helps to protect whatever it is growing on. Hair on your face is called a beard or moustache.
Photo of a pair of hands.
Your hand is on the end of your arm. You use your hands to hold things. Your hands have four fingers and a thumb.
Photo of a mannequin's head

His forHead

The head is the topmost part of your body. On the front of your head is your face, and on the top and back of your head you grow hair. All animals, insects, birds and fish have heads, except for some tiny organisms that are so small we cannot see them. Your head is joined to your body by your neck. The photo is a mannequin's head.

His forHeel

Your heel is the back, bottom part of your foot. Most of your weight is supported by your heels. The woman in the photo is wearing high-heeled shoes. The bottom, back part of a shoe is also called the heel.

His forHind

The hind parts of something are at the back or rear. In animals, you might describe them as having hind legs or hindquarters.
Photo of a woman with her hand on her hip

His forHip

Your hip is the part below your waist on the sides of your body where your leg joins your body. People's hips are typically wider than their waists, particularly on women. The woman in the picture has one hand on her hip.

His forHock

An animal's hock is the equivalent joint to our ankle. It is found half-way up their hind legs.

His forHoof

While people have toes on the end of their feet and cats and dogs have paws with claws, animals like cows and horses have hooves. A hoof is just the tip of the animal's toe, encased in a hard substance made out of the same stuff as our fingernails are made from. Hooves continue to grow just like our fingernails, and are worn down by the animal walking around. If the animal like a horse walks around on very hard ground like a road their hoof will wear down too fast, so people make them special shoes to protect their hooves. The hoof in the picture is a cow's hoof. Cows have cloven feet, meaning the hoof is divided into two sections.
Photo of rams horns

His forHorns

Horns grow in pairs on the heads of animals like sheep, goats and some cows. Horns start growing when the animal is very young and continue to grow for their entire life, often getting to be very large. Horns often grow in a twisting or spiral shape. In some animals only the male grows horns.

His forHump

A hump is a large lump on the back of an animal or a person. On people, a hump is usually caused by your spine curving from old age. With animals like the camel in the picture, the hump is mostly fat, and it stores food.