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Photo of a cat tail

Body parts that start with T

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!

Tis forTail

Most animals have tails - people and apes don't. A tail is just an extension of the animal's backbone. Animals use their tails to communicate - dogs wag their tails when they are happy, cats wave their tails when they are angry and put their tails straight up to say "hello". Animals like cows and horses use their tails to swat flies away. The kangaroo has a big, heavy tail that it uses to balance itself when it hops.
Photo of a bird's talons

Tis forTalon

A talon is a claw, particularly on a bird of prey such as a hawk or eagle.
Photo of a child crying

Tis forTears

When you are very sad or upset, you cry. When you cry, tears come out of your eyes. If you taste your tears, they are salty.

Tis forTeat

Teat is another word for nipple, particularly on a female animal with babies. Teats are where milk comes from, to feed baby animals.

Tis forTentacle

Tentacles are long, flexible parts of some animals that are used for reaching, moving and for collecting food. Octopus, squid and anemones all have tentacles.
Photo of a woman's thighs

Tis forThigh

Your thigh is the thickest part of your leg, above your knees. Not to be confused with Thai.
Photo of a lady's neck.

Tis forThroat

Your throat is the tube inside your neck that leads to your stomach.

Tis forThumb

You have four fingers on your hand and one thumb. You use your hands to hold things.
Photo of toes

Tis forToe

You have five toes on each foot. Toes help you to walk and run. If you stand on your toes, you are taller and you can see more.
Photo of toenails

Tis forToenail

Your toenails are the hard, flat things on the tops of your toes. They help protect your toes from damage. Toenails grow much more slowly than fingernails.