Photo of a duck floating.

Words that rhyme with -oat

List of words that end with a "oat " sound.

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Photo of a group of hippos
Photo by Khym54

A group of hippopotami is called a bloat.

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Photo of a boat
Photo by Donika Sadiku

A boat is a vehicle that travels over water. Boats may be driven by the wind, by a motor, or by paddling them, like a canoe.

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Photo of a man wearing a coat.
Photo by Mike Fleming

A coat is a warm top you wear over other clothes. A coat is very similar to a jacket but coats are usually longer. The word coat can also be used to describe an animal's fur.

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Photo of a floating rubber duck
Photo by Michael Dunn

Something floats if you put it on the top of a liquid like water and it stays on the top.
Things float because they are less dense than the liquid they are in. For example, the duck in the picture floats because the amount of duck that is below the water level weighs less than the amount of water that would be where the duck is - a concept called displacement.
If you are in a swimming pool with a foam kickboard that floats, try holding it under the water. You can also try this with a ping-pong ball or a polystyrene foam ball in a big bowl of water. It is very hard to get something that floats to go under the water, and if you hold it right down and then let it go it might even pop right out of the water! It is this force that holds floating things up.
The opposite of float is sink.

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Scientific name: capra aegagrus hircus

Goats are closely related to sheep. People use goats for their milk and their meat, and some kinds of goat have wool that can be used to make clothes from. Goats milk can be made into cheese. Male goats are called bucks or billies, female goats are called does or nannies, and baby goats are called kids.

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Photo of a moat
Photo by Elliott Brown

A moat is a trench dug around a structure like a castle to stop people from getting in. Moats may be dry, or filled with water.

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Photo of an orange note
Photo by Jonty Wareing

A note is a short piece of writing, usually written on a small piece of paper and attached to something else. Notes are often to remind people about something.

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Scientific name: avena sativa

Oats are a cereal crop grown mainly for turning into rolled oats and oatmeal for making porridge. It is also used as animal feed, particularly for horses.

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Photo of a man and a dog wearing raincoats
Photo by Ed Yourdon

A raincoat is a piece of clothing made from waterproof fabric. Raincoats are designed to keep you dry when you are outside in the rain.

Photo of rolled oats in a jar
Photo by Larissa Brown

Rolled oats are oat grains that have first had the hard outer husk removed, then they are flattened by heavy rollers, lightly steamed and toasted.
Rolled oats can be used to bake cookies or cakes, but most often they are cooked on their own to make porridge.

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