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Photo of a cockroach

Words that rhyme with -oach

List of words that end with a "oach " sound

Photo of a woman wearing a silver brooch

Bis forBrooch

A brooch is a piece of jewelry that is designed to be attached to your clothes. Brooches are usually worn on your chest, off to one side. They are usually made from metal, particularly the clip that attaches to the clothing, with decorations on the brooch that can be made from virtually anything.
Scientific name: German cockroach: blattella germanica
Cockroaches, sometimes just called roaches, are a type of insect. There are thousands of kinds of cockroach but only a few are pests found inside houses. The cockroach in the picture is a German cockroach. They like warm, moist places, and are particularly fond of garbage bins.
An egg being poached.

Pis forPoach

Poaching is a method of cooking food, most commonly eggs, by immersion in water that is almost boiling.