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Photo of a trapped possum

Words that rhyme with -apt

List of words that end with a "apt " sound

Cis forCapped

Something is capped if it has something on top of it. Birds with a colored patch on top of their heads are often described as capped. Mountains covered with snow are called snow-capped. Something that has been closed with a lid on top has been capped. The well in the picture has been capped.
Photo of a baby clapping

Cis forClapped

Clapped is the past tense of clap, for example "they clapped after the performance". See also: applause.

Ris forRapt

Rapt means that you're engrossed in doing or paying attention to something.
Photo of a trapped possum

Tis forTrapped

You are trapped when you are stuck in a place you cannot get out of. The possum in the picture is caught in a trap.
Photo of a man being wrapped up.

Wis forWrapped

Something that has been covered up by wrapping it is wrapped. Wrapped is also the past tense of wrap.