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Photo of a horse's teeth

Words that rhyme with -eeth

List of words that end with a "eeth " sound

Actor Heath Ledger.
Heath is a male name that means someone who lives on a heath The man in the picture is actor Heath Ledger.
A heath.
A heath is a large area of open land where not much other than grass or shrubs can grow.
Singer Keith Urban.

Kis forKeith

Keith is a Scottish name for boys. Keith means "wood."
Photo of a knife and sheath

Sis forSheath

A sheath is a covering for the blade of a knife. Sheaths are often made of leather, and can be quite decorative.
Photo of a horse with teeth.

Tis forTeeth

Teeth is the plural of tooth.
Underneath is a more interesting way of saying under. The cat in the picture is underneath a coffee table.
Photo of a wreath

Wis forWreath

A wreath is a circular arrangement of flowers, leaves and other decorations. Wreaths are commonly hung on doors to decorate them at festive times like Christmas. Another word for a wreath is a garland.