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Verbs that start with B

Verbs that start with B

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a lizard basking in the sun

Bis forBask

Basking is sitting or lying in warmth, enjoying it. You can also bask in something pleasant, as in "she was basking in the attention". Lizards like to bask in the sun because they are cold blooded and the sunshine warms them up.
Photo of a woman taking a bath

Bis forBathe

You bathe when you take a bath to get clean.

Bis forBefriend

You befriend someone when you make friends with them.
Dog  begging for food

Bis forBeg

Begging is a way of asking for something to be given to you, in a humble, pleading kind of way. The dog in the picture is begging for food.
Photo of a calendar on August

Bis forBegin

To begin is to start something. August begins with the letter A.
Photo of a well behaved dog

Bis forBehave

You behave when you act in a way that other people expect you to act, depending on the situation. The puppy in the picture is being well-behaved and is sitting quietly.
A man and his dog

Bis forBelong

Someone or something belongs in a group if it is a member of that group. Something belongs in a place if it is meant to be there, for example "the plates belong in that cupboard". Belong can also mean ownership, as in "that dog belongs to me".
Photo of a bent railway line.

Bis forBend

You bend something when you change it from being straight into a curve. Someone has bent the metal bar in the picture.
Photo of a billowing flag

Bis forBillow

Something is billowing if it is rising up or puffing out in a big surge, usually from the wind. sails and flags are often seen billowing.
Photo of a book binding

Bis forBind

Binding is a way of holding two or more things together, usually by tying or wrapping. Book pages are bound together down one edge to form a book.