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Verbs that start with U

Verbs that start with U

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a man opening a bottle of wine

Uis forUncork

You uncork a bottle by removing the cork, usually with a corkscrew.

Uis forUnload

You unload something when you take the load or cargo out from inside it. The truck in the picture is unloading a pile of dirt.
Photo of a hand unlocking a door

Uis forUnlock

You unlock something when you open a lock, usually by using a key.
Photo of a zip being unzipped

Uis forUnzip

Unzip is a word that means opening up a zipper.

Uis forUproot

A tree is uprooted when it falls down with its roots attached, like in the picture. Trees are usually uprooted by storms.
Photo of an upturned chair

Uis forUpturn

You upturn something when you flip it upside down. Once you upturn something, it is upturned.