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Photo of squash.

Words that rhyme with -osh

List of words that end with a "osh " sound

Scientific name: cucurbita moschata
The butternut squash or butternut pumpkin can be eaten roasted, mashed, or made into soup. It is a quite small, sweet, mild variety of squash.
Comedian Josh Thomas

Jis forJosh

Josh is a short form of the name Joshua. The man in the photo is comedian Josh Thomas.

Sis forSquash

Scientific name: genus: cucurbita
Squash are a group of plants that are sometimes called pumpkins and sometimes called marrows. Some people think of the yellow squash in the picture when they hear the word "squash", others think of butternut squash.

Wis forWash

You wash something when it is dirty by rubbing it with soap and water until it is clean. Washing removes dirt, oil, grease and other stains from something that is dirty.