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Photo of an eye

Words that rhyme with -eye

List of words that end with a "eye " sound

A black eye is an injury that looks worse than it really is. A black eye, or shiner, can be caused by any damage near the eye or eyebrow. Even a small bump or knock can cause a spectacular black eye.

Bis forBonsai

Bonsai is a way of pruning and restricting the growth of a plant so it stays very, very small. The shape the plant grows is also changed, often making the plant look like a tiny, old, twisted tree. Bonsai is achieved with a combination of careful pruning of both the roots and the branches, and using wire to shape the branches as they grow. Keeping the bonsai in a small container keeps the plant small, but great care must be taken so the plant doesn't dry out and die.

Bis forBow tie

A bow tie is something men sometimes wear around their necks on formal occasions. You usually wear a bow tie with a tuxedo.
Photo of Brunei flags

Bis forBrunei

Brunei is a state on the island of Borneo in south east Asia. It is surrounded by Malaysia and the sea. The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan. People in Brunei speak Malay.
Photo of a yellow butterfly
Scientific name: order: lepidoptera
Butterflies are a kind of insect that changes completely as it goes through its life. A butterfly starts as an egg, which hatches into a caterpillar. Caterpillars spend all of their time eating leaves from their favourite plants. When they are old enough, caterpillars spin a cocoon and while they are asleep inside it, they change into a butterfly. Butterflies eat nectar from flowers, and live for a much, much shorter time than caterpillars.

Bis forBuy

You buy something when you give someone else some money in exchange for it. The man in the picture is in a shop buying some goods. The opposite of buy is sell. The past tense of buy is bought.

Bis forBy

By might mean near, as in "she was sitting by the lake". It might also be used to indicate who did something, for example "this book was written by my brother".
Photo of cacti

Cis forCacti

Cacti is the plural of cactus.
Photo of a crying baby

Cis forCry

You cry when you are very sad, upset, or you have hurt yourself. Babies cry when they are tired or hungry.
Man defying gravity.

Dis forDefy

Defy means to resist or challenge something or someone. For example, the man in the picture appears to be defying the rules of gravity by holding himself in a position that would cause most people to fall.