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Photo of some fruit on scales

Kinds of measures

Ways to count, weigh, sort and classify things.

Photo of a tenth birthday cake

Ais forAge

Age is a measure of how old something is. If you have just celebrated your tenth birthday, you are ten years of age, or ten years old.

Dis forDistance

Distance describes how far apart two points are, or describes something that is a long way away, for example "you can see the hills in the distance". The men in the picture are making a fence with all the posts the same distance apart.

Gis forGirth

Girth is a synonym for circumference, the measurement around something.
Dog having his height measured

His forHeight

Height is the vertical measurement of a person or object from the ground to the top of the head or the highest point of an object.
Photo of different sized fruit

Sis forSize

Size is a measure of how big something is. You can measure size in defined units like inches, or you can use descriptive words like big, small, tiny or huge.
Photo of a moving car

Sis forSpeed

Speed is the measure of how fast something is moving. The car in the picture is moving very fast, while a snail moves slowly.

Wis forWeight

Weight is a measure of how heavy something is. The more something weighs, the heavier it is.