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Words starting with P

Words that start with P

Purple ponies prance through a pink palace in Pittsburg.

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Photo of a baby with a pacifier

Pis forPacifier

A pacifier, also called a binky, dummy or soother, is something you give to babies to suck to calm them down. Modern pacifiers have a nipple-shaped part that goes into the baby's mouth, a shield to keep it in place and a handle to hold onto.
Photo of a pack of dogs

Pis forPack

A group of dogs is called a pack. Packing is also a word for filling something with something else.
Photo of a parcel wrapped in brown paper

Pis forPackage

A package is another word for a parcel.

Pis forPacking

You pack a suitcase when you go away on vacation. Packing something means putting things inside it until it is full. You can pack a suitcase, boxes or even pack a wardrobe full of things.
A paddle is a hand-held device that you push backwards through the water to make a boat or canoe move forward.
Photo of a paddlesteamer
A paddle steamer, or paddle wheeler, is a type of boat that is driven forward by a large wheel. Usually the wheel is at the back of the paddle steamer (stern-wheeler), but there can also be a wheel on either side (side-wheeler). Paddle steamers are usually found on still, calm water like rivers. The paddle wheel can be driven by either a steam engine or a more modern electric or diesel engine.

Pis forPaddock

A paddock is a large open space, surrounded by a fence, that is used for keeping animals such as horses, cows and sheep in.
Photo of a padlock

Pis forPadlock

A padlock is a type of lock that is designed to go through two loops, like the two parts of a gate latch or two links of a chain. Padlocks are small and portable and are commonly used to lock sheds or lock up bicycles.
Photo of pages from a book

Pis forPage

A page is a piece of paper which has writing or images print on it. Books are made of pages that are bound together.
Photo of a pagoda

Pis forPagoda

A pagoda is a style of building typically seen as a temple in countries like Japan or China. Pagodas often have many layers of decorative roof, with upturned edges.