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Photo of a woman smiling.

Words about people

These are the categories in the photographic dictionary that relate to people.

Photo of a baby
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Bis forBaby

A baby is a very young person. Babies are small and helpless, and can't walk or talk. When babies get a little bit older, they move around by crawling on their hands and knees.
Photo of a child

Cis forChild

A child is a young person that is not an adult yet. Parents often refer to their sons and daughters as children even after they become adults.
Photo of a dwarf

Dis forDwarf

A dwarf is a small person, born with a condition that makes them unusually small. Most dwarves have short arms and legs and facial features that are distinctive. A dwarf of any kind of plant or animal is a smaller variety of that plant or animal. Dwarf forms of animals are often kept as pets.
Photo of two friends

Fis forFriend

Your friends are people you like, but who generally not your family. The two girls in the picture are friends.

Gis forGuest

A guest is a person who has been invited to attend an event, like a wedding or a party, or to stay in someone's home. Guests are usually friends or family.

Lis forLeader

Anyone can be a leader. Being a leader means you are the ruler of something or a great role model for others.
Photo of some neighbors

Nis forNeighbor

Your neighbors, also spelt neighbour are people who live close to you. People who live in the house next to you are called your next door neighbors. Some people do not like their neighbors, other people find their neighbors make very good friends.
Photo of a person

Pis forPerson

A person is a human, either male or female, young or old.
Photo of a woman wearing a poncho

Sis forStranger

A stranger is someone that you do not know or have never met before. The opposite of a stranger is a friend.
Photo of a group of teenagers

Tis forTeenager

A teenager is someone aged between thirteen (13) and nineteen (19) inclusive. Teenagers are sometimes called adolescents. Teenagers are known for being rebellious as they grow up from children into adults.