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Photo of a hay bale

Words that rhyme with -ay

List of words that end with a "ay " sound

Photo of an ashtray

Ais forAshtray

An ashtray is a shallow bowl, usually with indentations on the edges, that is used to put cigarette butts into.

Ais forAway

Something is away from you if it is a distance from you, or is being removed from you. The man in the picture is walking away. Parents often take toys away from children as a punishment.

Bis forBallet

Ballet is a special kind of dance that was originally from France. Ballet has a lot of technical movements with their own names, like pirouette and battement. Ballet is usually danced to classical music.
A bay horse is a reddish brown, with a black mane, tail and lower legs. Bay horses may have white markings on their face or feet.
Photo of a man wearing a beret

Bis forBeret

A beret is a distinctively shaped hat that is associated with France. Berets have no brim.
Photo of a bidet

Bis forBidet

A bidet is a plumbing fixture, normally found in the bathroom next to the toilet. You sit on it after you use the toilet, and it cleans your bottom for you with jets of water. Some bidets are an attachment inside the bowl of the toilet itself, not a separate fixture.
Photo of a birthday party.

Bis forBirthday

Your birthday is the anniversary of your birth. Birthdays happen once a year on the same date as you were born. You usually get together with your family and friends on your birthday, and have a party with cake.

Bis forBombay

Bombay is an alternative name for the city of Mumbai in India.

Bis forBouquet

A group of flowers gathered together so you can hold them or put them in a vase is called a bouquet, or sometimes just a bunch. Brides often carry a bouquet of flowers when they get married.