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Words starting with W

Words that start with W

Wet walruses waving wildly at Wendy the wallaby in Wallaroo.

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Photo of a kitten and a wad of paper

Wis forWad

A wad is a lump or ball of something. The kitten in the picture is playing with a wad of paper.
Photo of people wading at the beach

Wis forWade

Wading is walking through water. Usually you wade through shallow water that is less than waist deep. Any deeper and it would be easier to swim.
Photo of waffles

Wis forWaffle

A waffle is a thin cake made from batter in a special device called a waffle iron. Waffle irons usually have a distinctive pattern on them. Waffles are sweet, and are usually eaten for breakfast with melted butter, syrup or jam. Waffle is also the name given to a pattern that looks like a waffle, which is sometimes found on knitted clothing and blankets.
Photo of a waffle iron
A waffle iron is a special device that makes waffles. It has two hot surfaces that cook the top and bottom of the waffle at the same time, and a pattern in the waffle iron surface that makes waffles look so distinctively like waffles.
Photo of a dog wagging its tail.

Wis forWag

You wag or waggle something when you wave it backwards and forwards fairly fast. dogs wag their tails when they are happy. People sometimes wag their fingers to tell someone else off.
Photo of a horse-drawn wagon

Wis forWagon

A wagon is a heavy vehicle with 4 wheels that used to be pulled by a team of horses or oxen to move large loads around. Today, wagons are usually used on farms and pulled by tractors. In some countries the separate parts of a train that are used to carry goods are called wagons.

Wis forWaist

Your waist is the middle part of your body. Your belly button is on your waist. Belts go around your waist, and skirts and jeans fasten around your waist.
Photo of a man wearing a waistcoat
A waistcoat is a kind of jacket with no sleeves. Waistcoats can be made from ordinary fabric and buttoned up like in the picture, or knitted.

Wis forWait

Waiting is passing time until something happens. You often have to wait at a doctor's surgery, and sometimes you need to wait in a queue for something. People usually sit and read or just do nothing at all when they are waiting.

Wis forWaiter

A waiter is a male person who waits on tables in a restaurant, serving customer's food and drinks and clearing tables when they are finished.