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Words starting with I

Words that start with I

Icy iguanas ignite Indian ink in an igloo.

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Photo of ice cubes.

Iis forIce

Ice is what happens to water when it is so cold that it freezes. You can see ice as snow in winter. Snow is just tiny bits of ice. In summer, people make their drinks cooler by putting ice in them.
Photo of an ice pick

Iis forIce pick

An ice pick is a tool with a pointed end that you use for breaking up a large block of ice into small chunks that you can put in your drink.
Photo of a child ice skating
Iceskates are a special kind of shoe with a blade underneath them. They are designed so you can slide along ice wearing them.
Photo of an iceberg

Iis forIceberg

Icebergs are huge chunks of ice that break off from the ice collected around land, or from glaciers that reach the sea. They float, but most of them is underwater and you can't see it, which has coined the phrase "tip of the iceberg" meaning that you can only see a small part of something and the problem is actually a lot bigger than it seems.
Photo of an icecream

Iis forIcecream

Ice cream is a dessert made from frozen milk or cream. Icecream is usually flavoured with sugar, vanilla, fruit or chocolate. Icecream is made by freezing the milk or cream slowly and stirring it frequently so it stays smooth. If you don't stir it, it will be full of crunchy ice crystals and will not be as nice. Icecream is sometimes served in a cone.

Iis forIcicle

Icicles form when dripping water freezes. In a cold climate, you might see them hanging from the edge of a rooftop.
Photo of iced cakes

Iis forIcing

Icing, or frosting, is a very sweet decorative layer that is put onto cakes and cookies. Icing can be made into any color, and varies from a soft spread to a very hard consistency. Icing is most commonly made from a mixture of icing sugar and butter, with coloring and flavors added.
Photo of someone having an idea

Iis forIdea

An idea is something you think of inside your head. Often, an idea is something new that you haven't thought of before, and when an idea comes on suddenly it can solve a problem you have been thinking about.
Two or more things are identical if they look exactly the same. The two men in the photo are identical twins.
Identification, or ID, is something you use to prove to other people that you are who you say you are. Most identification has a photograph of you on it. People generally carry some form of identification in their wallet.