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About the Photographic Dictionary

The Photographic dictionary is a personal pet project originally started as an illustrated dictionary on Giraffian. It was designed as a quick reference, born out of a frustration for finding what you want on Wikipedia without having to wade through very verbose pages, but with the alternative goal of being more informative than a plain text dictionary.

You can contact the site owner via this form.

Information about the copyright of the content on this site is found here.

Adding & Editing

The content on this site is tailored to appeal to a very wide audience, in particular children and people who speak English as a second language. As such, the language on this site tends to be very simple. This is the reason you cannot edit entries on this site directly without going through moderation. If you want to edit an entry, click on the one you are interested in and hit the pencil icon to edit it. You can also use this form to make comments, e.g. suggesting a different category a word should be in.

If you are interested in moderating the site or editing content directly, please get in touch.

Languages other than English

While I would love it if this site was multilingual, I myself am monolingual so it will only happen if I run the site through an automatic translator. If you really want to see this site translated and are willing to help, please get in touch.


If you're one of those people wanting to make a mobile app of this site (there seems to be a lot of you) remember that not all of the images are cc-by-sa, and all of the text is cc-nc-by so you can make a free app but you can't make one you can sell if you are including the site text (this includes the categories) too.

One day I may put up an API for this site. Maybe.

Privacy Policy

You need to be logged into this site to add or edit content (other than photos, which isn't complete yet). We only collect your email address and name. You may occasionally get emails about new features on the site, and you can unsubscribe if you don't want to continue to get these.

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