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Photo of teeth.

Words that rhyme with -ooth

List of words that end with a "ooth " sound

A telephone booth.

Bis forBooth

A booth is a small enclosure used for a variety of purposes, like calling someone on the phone, voting, or eating at a restaurant.
Photo of a houndstooth print
Houndstooth is an abstract two-colour check design that was made by weaving two colours of wool together in a particular way. Houndstooth is most commonly seen in black and white.
Photo of smooth polished stones

Sis forSmooth

Something is smooth if you can run your fingers over it and not catch or snag your fingers on the surface. A smooth surface has no bumps or imperfections. The opposite of smooth is rough.
Photo of teeth

Tis forTooth

Teeth are the hard, white things in your mouth. Most animals have teeth, but birds and insects don't. Teeth are used for biting, tearing and chewing food. Once you are about five years old, you start to lose your baby teeth, one at a time, over several years.
Photo of a young boy

Yis forYouth

Youth is the state of being young, or a young person. For example, "some youths were loitering around the grocery store".