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Photo of cheese.

Words that rhyme with -eez

List of words that end with a "eez " sound

Photo of a ram

Ais forAries

Aries is a sign of the Zodiac. It is a fire sign. You are an Aries if you were born between March 21nd and April 19th.

Bis forBelize

Belize is a country on the north eastern coast of Central America, between Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south. People in Belize speak English, Kriol and Spanish. The capital of Belize is Belmopan.
Photo of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It has a population of almost 13 million.

Bis forBurmese

Burmese cats are originally from Burma, and were once all brown. They are now available in a range of colours. Burmese are friendly and intelligent and make great pets. They like being social with their humans, and are talkative cats and will hold conversations with their humans too.
Photo of cheese

Cis forCheese

Cheese is a type of food made from the solids found in milk. Milk is first curdled so the solids can be separated out, and then left to mature. Some cheeses can be eaten fresh, other cheeses take years to mature. Many cheeses get their flavour from mold that grows on the cheese.
A sign in Chinese writing

Cis forChinese

Chinese is the language spoken in China, anything to do with China or people from China.
Photo of a sick man with a spotty face

Dis forDisease

You, or a part of your body, is diseased if it is not working properly for some reason. Disease can be caused by a contagious illness, poison, genetic condition or other imbalances.
Photo of ice crystals

Fis forFreeze

When something liquid changes into a solid, the process is called freezing. We see the liquid water turn to solid ice all the time. Water turns to ice when it snows, hails, or when we make icecubes in the freezer. The photo is of some ice crystals forming as water freezes.
Photo of a Japanese wedding

Jis forJapanese

Japanese is anything relating to Japan, someone from Japan or the language spoken in Japan.
Photo of Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the largest city in California. It has a population in the greater area of almost 18 million people.