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Adjectives that start with G

Adjectives that start with G

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Something is galvanized if it is covered in a thin coating of zinc. Steel is galvanized to stop it from rusting. Not to be confused with corrugated.

Gis forGaunt

Someone is gaunt if they are thin and you can easily see their bones.
Photo of a gigantic rubber duck

Gis forGigantic

Gigantic is another word for huge.
Photo of a gilt statue

Gis forGilt

Something is gilded if it has been covered in a thin layer of gold.
Photo of varnished wood

Gis forGloss

Gloss describes something that is shiny. Some kinds of paint are glossy. Your hair will be glossy if you look after it well.
Photo of a gnarled tree

Gis forGnarled

Something is described as gnarled if it looks old, knotty and misshapen. Slow-growing trees in very exposed areas often get gnarled. Bonsai trees are deliberately made to look gnarled so they seem older than they are.

Gis forGourmet

Gourmet describes exceptionally good food that requires a lot of skill and preparation to make. Fancy restuarants serve gourmet food.

Gis forGrace

Grace is an English name for girls. Grace means "gracious." The woman in the picture is Grace Kelly.

Gis forGreedy

You are greedy if you want a lot more of something than you need.
Photo of a Greek man

Gis forGreek

Greek is the language spoken in Greece, anything related to Greece or a person from Greece.