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Photo of an Iranian woman

Types of people

Races, nationalities, religions and colorful faces of people from around the world.

Photo of an Australian Aborigine
Australian Aborigines were the first people to live in Australia. There were once many, many different tribes of Aborigines, each with different traditions and languages. Around 2% of the Australian population identifies as Aboriginal.
Photo of an Arab man

Ais forArab

An Arab is someone who speaks Arabic or is from an Arab country. It might also mean an Arabian horse.

Bis forBritish

Something is British if it relates to Britain, or the United Kingdom. A person from Britain is British.
Photo of a Buddhist monk

Bis forBuddhist

Someone is Buddhist if their religion is Buddhism.

Dis forDane

A person from Denmark is called a Dane. Dane is also a male name. You might also be looking for the great Dane dog.
Photo of an Egyptian man

Eis forEgyptian

Egyptian means anything relating to Egypt, or a person from Egypt.

Fis forFinn

A Finn is someone from Finland. See also Finnish. Not to be confused with fin.
Photo of a French woman

Fis forFrench

French is the language spoken in France, people from France or anything related to France.
Photo of a Greek man

Gis forGreek

Greek is the language spoken in Greece, anything related to Greece or a person from Greece.
Photo of an Iranian woman

Iis forIranian

Iranian means anything to do with Iran, or a person from Iran.