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Adjectives that start with M

Adjectives that start with M

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a main street

Mis forMain

Main means the largest or most important of something. For example a company might have their main office, and many towns have a main street.
Photo of a manly man

Mis forManly

Manly is a less formal way of saying masculine, or strong like a man.

Mis forMarried

Two people are married if they have been through a wedding ceremony together and have formally become a couple.

Mis forMassive

Something is massive if it is really, really big. The truck in the picture is massive.

Mis forMature

Something is mature if it has fully reached adulthood. A fruit or nut is said to be mature if it is fully ripe. Other foods like wine and cheese where you need to wait a long time for the flavor to change are said to be mature when they are ready to eat or drink.

Mis forMedium

Medium is a way to describe something that is a size in between small and large.
Photo of a messy pile of craft materials

Mis forMessy

Something is messy if the things in or on it are arranged randomly, so they don't look very nice. The opposite of messy is neat.
Photo of a military scene

Mis forMilitary

Military means anything relating to the armed forces, particularly the army.
Something is miniature if it is a very small copy of something else. A miniature can either be a model of something, like a miniature car, or a word for a very small animal, such as a miniature horse.
Photo of a missing chocolate

Mis forMissing

Something is missing if it is not there, and it should be there. One of the chocolates in the picture is missing.