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Adjectives that start with V

Adjectives that start with V

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Vis forVague

Something is vague if it is not expressed clearly. The opposite of vague is explicit or definite. The sign in the picture is very vague about when the road is closed.
Photo of some gold and diamond bangles

Vis forValuable

Something is valuable if it is worth a lot of money. Some things are valuable for other reasons, for example they have sentimental value because they remind you of someone.

Vis forVast

Vast is another word for huge, expansive, or broad. Vast is commonly used to describe land.

Vis forVenomous

Venomous is another word for poisonous or toxic. Snakes, scorpions and spiders can be venomous.
Photo of a verbose notice

Vis forVerbose

Something written or spoken is verbose if there are far more words used than is necessary to get the message across.
Photo of some vintage items

Vis forVintage

Something is vintage if it is old. Vintage is another word for antique.Old cars and clothing are generally described as vintage, if they are in good condition. Vintage things may or may not be valuable, depending on how many people want to own them and how rare they are.

Vis forViolent

If someone is violent, they are being aggressive or forceful with the intention of hurting someone else.
Visible spectrum of light.

Vis forVisible

If something is visible, it is able to be seen. The opposite of visible is invisible. The visible spectrum of light includes all the colors that make up a rainbow.

Vis forVitality

Vitality is a condition where you are in a state of vigorous good health and are happy and exuberant. Someone or something can exude vitality of the mind or body.
A vivacious woman.
If you are vivacious, you are happy and full of energy.