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Photo of a kite.

Words that rhyme with -ite

List of words that end with a "ite " sound

Alexandrite is a beryllium aluminium compound that is a different colour depending on which angle you look at it. The most prized colour combination is a range from green to purple.
Photo of a fire

Ais forAlight

Alight can have many different meanings. It might mean something that is on fire. It might also mean you are getting off something after it has stopped moving, like a horse or a train. It could also mean you are coming onto something after a flight, as in "see the bird alight on that branch".
Photo of a cat biting a woman on the nose

Bis forBite

You bite something when you hold it in your mouth, between your teeth. You usually bite to break off a piece of something, like biting off a mouthful of an apple. The cat in the picture is biting the woman's nose. Insects like mosquitos that don't have mouths like ours can still bite you with their tongues.
Photo of a bright sunny day

Bis forBright

Something is bright if it appears to be giving off a lot of light. Something can be bright if it makes the light itself, like the sun, or if it reflects light from something else, like a mirror.
Photo of a woman's bottom with cellulite
Cellulite is a distinctive dimpling in the skin, somewhat resembling the texture of orange peel. It is usually seen on the thighs and bottom of adult women. Cellulite is caused by fat under the skin being textured by connective tissue.
Photo of an excited woman

Eis forExcited

You are excited when you are really really happy about something. People get excited when they win the lottery, or are about to go away on holidays. Children often get excited at parties. People who are excited sometimes jump up and down and wave their arms around.

Fis forFight

When two or more people or animals get angry with each other, sometimes they will fight, and try and hurt each other with words or their fists. Sometimes people fight for money, as in a boxing match or street fighting. Animals often fight with each other over food, nesting space, or at breeding season. You can also use fight as a noun, as in "those people are having a fight".
Photo of a flashlight
A flashlight, sometimes called a torch, is a small device that has a handle at one end and a light at the other end. You use it for finding your way around somewhere dark that doesn't have any other light sources, like at night when you are camping, or if there is a power failure, or in a cave.
Close up photo of a lead pencil

Gis forGraphite

Graphite is a form of carbon. It has the interesting property of being made up of very thin layers that can be easily rubbed off, so is perfect for drawing with. Graphite is the main ingredient of the "lead" in lead pencils. Graphite can also conduct electricity, so it has many applications in engineering and electronics.
Dog having his height measured

His forHeight

Height is the vertical measurement of a person or object from the ground to the top of the head or the highest point of an object.