Animals starting with C

List of animals that start with C

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Photo of a baby dolphin
Photo by Zazzle

A baby dolphin is called a calf.

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Photo of a calf
Photo by Keven Law

A calf is a baby cow.
Many other baby animals are also called calves.

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Photo of two camels
Photo by Hector Abouid
Scientific name: Dromedary: camelus dromedarius

Camels are a large animal that is very well adapted for hot, dry weather. They can survive longer without water than any other animal. Camels have a big, fatty hump on their backs that stores food for times when they can't find enough to eat. They are taller than an adult man and are used to ride on or to pull carts.
There are two types of camel, dromedary camels like in the picture that only have one hump, and the bactrian which has two. There are a lot more dromedaries than bactrians in the world.
Camels are related to llamas and alpacas.

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Photo of a canar
Photo by Alan Manson
Scientific name: serinus canaria domestica

Canaries are small songbirds closely related to finches. They eat seeds and have a pretty song. Most canaries are yellow. Wild canaries are more mottled or yellow-green than pet canaries.

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Photo of a caracal
Photo by Frank Wouters
Scientific name: caracal caracal

A caracal is a slender, muscular, medium-sized wild cat with long legs and a short tail. It is from areas of Africa, west and south Asia. Caracals usually live alone. Female caracals are very territorial, but males will roam over a very large area.
Caracals are closely related to servals.

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Photo of a caribou
Photo by peupleloup
Scientific name: rangifer tarandus

A caribou, otherwise known as a reindeer, is a type of deer from the cold, northern regions of the world.

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Photo of a carp
Photo by Tim Creque
Scientific name: family: cyprinidae

Carp are a large group of freshwater fish, which includes goldfish and koi. Other kinds of carp are caught for food.

Scientific name: casuarius casuarius

Cassowaries are very large flightless birds that live in tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia. The only birds bigger than the cassowary are the ostrich and emu.
Cassowaries mainly eat fruit, but will also eat new shoots, seeds and fungi, insects and small animals. Cassowaries usually travel around on their own except when it is time to find a mate and lay eggs.
The booming noise the cassowary makes is the lowest known bird call, and is so low humans can only just hear it.

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Photo of a cat
Photo by Steve Roetz
Scientific name: felis catus

A cat is a small, meat-eating animal that is often kept as a pet. Cats are good at hunting mice. Most dogs don't like cats, and are often seen chasing them up trees. Cats spend over half of their time asleep. A baby cat is called a kitten.

Photo of a caterpillar
Photo by Mark Robinson

Caterpillars are the larval stage of moths and butterflies. They hatch from eggs and grow very quickly, eating large quantities of leaves as they grow. When they are big enough they spin themselves into a cocoon and go to sleep. When they wake up, they have turned into a butterfly or moth.

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