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Photo of a giraffe.

Words that rhyme with -arf

List of words that end with a "arf " sound

Photo of an autograph
An autograph is the signature of a famous person, usually made out to someone who admires them. Some people collect autographs, and they can be valuable, especially after the famous person has died.
Photo of a baby dolphin
A baby dolphin is called a calf.
Photo of a calf
A calf is a baby cow. Many other baby animals are also called calves.
Photo of rice chaff

Cis forChaff

Chaff is the husks and stalks that are leftover when freshly harvested grain is threshed. Chaff can be used as a fuel or animal bedding.

Gis forGiraffe

Giraffes are the tallest land animals. They can grow up to 5.5 metres tall, and live for around 20-25 years. They have a black tongue that is around 18 inches long that they can use to strip leaves from trees.

His forHalf

This glass of water is half-full (some people would say half-empty). If you took two half-glasses of water and poured them together, you would get a full glass. A half is what you get when you cut something into two equal sized pieces.
Photo of a woman laughing.

Lis forLaugh

People laugh as a reaction to something funny, or when they are tickled. Laughing is normally something you do when you are very happy.
Photo of a photograph
People use a camera to turn something you can see into a photograph. A photograph is a picture of one tiny moment in time. People like to take photos of their family and pretty things that they see.

Sis forScarf

A scarf is a long piece of cloth, usually knitted, that you wear around your neck to keep you warm.

Sis forStaff

A staff is a long, straight stick that is used to help you walk with, like a walking stick, or has magical properties and is used by wizards. Staff might also be a group of people working for the same organization.